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Why do people waste their money on lottery tickets?

Time to rant.

So yesterday, MegaMillions was up for $330 million. So, what did I do? I bought tickets. Not just one, but two. This morning, I looked up the drawn numbers online. Did I win anything? No. I spent $2 for nothing. It is such a waste of time and money. My sister also bought a ticket. She got one number right. She won $3. $1 paid for the ticket. Congratulations, you can now by a $2 pack of gum. Oh yeah, but you have to pay tax on that. Sorry!

I see people come in to my dad’s liquor store everyday religously and buy lottery ticket after lottery ticket. And these people don’t just buy one $1 ticket. They spend around $20 a day. I don’t understand why someone would continue to waste $20 everyday when they have never won more than $5. It really makes no sense to me. They could be putting that $20 into a savings account or donating it to charity.

Some people just make me wonder sometimes.

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